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Luck Be Withyou P2 1.50 , P5 1.47.4F $1,454,166    15.3HH

Luck Be Withyou is an exceptionally bred , wickedly fast horse.  A son of Western Ideal from the famous Three Diamonds family . Luck Be Withyou was a 2yo Breeders Crown winner . His sister American Jewel ( American Ideal ) was also the Dan Patch 2yo and 3yo filly of the year on her way to banking $1.8m and running 1.48.2 as a 3yo.

Luck Be Withyou is from the proven maternal family of champion stallions American Ideal and Life Sign . He had impeccable gait and could fly the gate . Much need attributes for our juvenile features.

Age Starts 1st 2nd 3rd Earnings
2 11 5 1 0 $359,417
3 17 5 3 2 $330,049
4 24 9 2 0 $424,315
5 18 5 3 3 $203,210
6 19 4 6 0 $137,175
Total 89 28 15 5 $1,454,166
At 2, winner elim. and Final Breeders Crown at Pocono, Champlain S.;
second in elim. Metro S. At 3, winner elim. Messenger S.; second in Final
Messenger S., Final Carl Milstein Mem., Somebeachsomewhere P.; third
in elim. Meadowlands P., elim. North America Cup. At 4, winner elim.
and Final Ben Franklin P.; second in American-National S. At 5, winner
cons. Ben Franklin P., Van Rose Mem.; second in PHHA Inv. at Pocono;
third in Jim Ewart Mem., Quillen Mem. At 6, second in Battle Of Lake
Erie, cons. Ben Franklin P.
By WESTERN IDEAL p,2,1:54.3f; 1:48 ($1,455,422) Sire of 755 in 2:00,
510 in 1:55, 68 in 1:50 from 1198 foals, 815 winners from 977 starters
and 334 earning over $100,000, including: ROCKNROLL HANOVER
p,3,1:48.3 ($2,754,038), VINTAGE MASTER p,4,1:48.1f ($2,160,953),
KRISPY APPLE (M) p,1:48.4f ($1,905,676), WESTERN ACE p,4,1:48.4
($1,891,133), DIAL OR NODIAL p,1:48.3f ($1,774,600), ARTSPEAK
p,3,1:47.4 ($1,628,762), BIG JIM p,2,1:49.1 ($1,541,924), LUCK BE
WITHYOU p,1:47.4f ($1,454,166), CABRINI HANOVER (M) p,2,1:51
($1,303,790). Total earnings of $129,763,735.
1st Dam
TRIM HANOVER p,2,Q1:57.1; 3,1:52.4; BT1:51.3s ($123,117) by
Camluck. 3 wins at 3. At 2, second in cons. She’s A Great Lady S.,
elim. Ontario Sires S. – Gold; third in Champlain S., Bluegrass S.,
International Stallion S. At 3, third in leg Town Pro Ser. at Mohawk.
From 8 foals, dam of 6 winners, 2 in 1:50, 6 in 1:55, including:
AMERICAN JEWEL (M) p,2,1:50.2; 3,1:48.2 ($1,840,565) (American
Ideal). 17 wins at 2 and 3. O’Brien 2-Year-Old Pacing Filly of the
Year in 2011; Dan Patch, O’Brien 3-Year-Old Pacing Filly of the
Year in 2012. World Champion. At 2, winner elim. and Final She’s
A Great Lady S., Kentuckiana Stallion Mgmt P., Bluegrass S.,
Eternal Camnation P., Countess Adios S.; second in International
Stallion S. At 3, winner elim. and Final Fan Hanover S., elim.
Breeders Crown at Woodbine, Final Breeders Crown at Woodbine,
elim. and Final James Lynch Mem., Simcoe S., American-National
S., Bluegrass S.; second in Valley Forge P., Mistletoe Shalee P. at
Meadowlands, Glen Garnsey Mem., leg New York Sire S. at
Vernon; third in Final Empire Breeders Classic, elim. Jugette. Dam
of SUN SHINES BRIGHT p,3,1:52.2, LONG BEACH p,4,1:52.3f, U
S CAPTAIN p,2,Q1:55.
LUCK BE WITHYOU p,2,1:50f; 3,1:48f; 1:47.4f; BT1:47.2f ($1,454,166)
(Western Ideal). As above.
SOURCE OF PRIDE p,2,1:52.4; 3,1:50.4h; BT1:49.1f ($322,734)
(American Ideal). 21 wins, 2 thru 6. At 2, winner Reynolds Mem. At
3, winner leg New York Sire S. at Yonkers, elim. Art Rooney P.;
second in leg New York Sire S. at Tioga.
TORI HANOVER (M) p,2,1:53.1; 3,1:52.4f; BT1:52.1f ($66,734)
(Somebeachsomewhere). 4 wins at 2 and 3. At 2, winner elim.
Breeders Crown at Meadowlands, Late Closer at Lexington; second
in Late Closer at Lexington. At 3, second in Tompkins-Geers S., leg
Pennsylvania Stallion Ser. at Pocono, The Meadows.
THOMAS B HANOVER p,3,1:53.2f ($28,765) (Somebeachsomewhere).
2 wins at 3. At 2, third in leg Pennsylvania Stallion Ser. at Pocono.
MY LADY LOVE (M) p,2,Q1:54.4f; BT1:53.3f ($11,476) (Well Said).
Record at 2. At 2, third in leg Pennsylvania Sires S. at Philadelphia.
2nd Dam
TRIPLET HANOVER p,2,1:55.1; 3,1:52.1 ($207,482) by Big Towner. 10
wins at 2 and 3. At 2, winner leg Trillium P. at Windsor; second in
leg Trillium P. at London. At 3, winner Simcoe S., leg Trillium P. at
Rideau Carleton, leg Miss Vera Bars Ser. at Woodbine (2); second
in Glen Garnsey Mem., heat Jugette, leg Trillium P. at Woodbine,
Final Miss Vera Bars Ser., leg Princess Ser. at Mohawk. From 17
foals, dam of 11 winners, 1 in 1:50, 10 in 1:55, 11 in 2:00, including:TOOK HANOVER p,2,1:53.3; 3,1:49 ($641,485) (The Panderosa). 13
wins, 2 thru 5. At 2, winner Champlain S., leg Early Closer at
Lexington; third in Final Matron S. At 3, winner Oliver Wendell
Holmes P.; second in elim. and Final Cane P.; third in elim.
Meadowlands P. At 4, second in elim. Ben Franklin P.; third in Final
Ben Franklin P., elim. Canadian Pacing Derby. At 5, winner leg Levy
Mem. at Yonkers (3).
TRIPLE V HANOVER (M) p,2,1:53.1f; 3,1:50.3f ($188,103)
(Somebeachsomewhere). 7 wins, 2 thru 4. At 2, second in
Pennsylvania All-Stars. At 3, winner cons. Pennsylvania Sires S. at
Pocono, The Circle City P., Pennsylvania All-Stars; second in
American-National S., leg Pennsylvania Sires S. at The Meadows;
third in cons. Valley Forge P., Bluegrass S.
TYLER HANOVER p,3,1:50.4f; BT1:50f ($175,452) (The Panderosa). 12
wins, 3 thru 6. At 3, winner Final Late Closer at Tioga, Semi-Final
Spring Survivor Ser. at Meadowlands; second in leg Pennsylvania
Sires S. at Pocono, Tompkins-Geers S., leg Spring Survivor Ser. at
Meadowlands (2), leg Late Closer at Tioga; third in leg Late Closer
at Tioga.
TENS HANOVER p,2,1:56; 3,1:51.1; 4,1:50.3 ($156,630) (Western
Hanover). 21 wins, 2 thru 6. At 3, third in Reynolds Mem.
TRIM HANOVER (M) p,2,Q1:57.1; 3,1:52.4; BT1:51.3s ($123,117)
(Camluck). As above.
WESTERN TORO p,3,1:58.1h; 1:51.3; BT1:50.4s ($121,233) (Western
Ideal). 23 wins, 3 thru 9.
TRISTATE HANOVER p,3,1:52.3 ($94,862) (Artsplace). 13 wins, 3 thru
TROIX HANOVER p,2,Q1:57.1f; 3,1:51.4 ($87,641) (Dragon Again). 22
wins, 3 thru 7.
BY YOUR SIDE (M) p,2,1:54.1; BT1:51.4 ($80,018) (Western Ideal). 4
wins at 2 and 3. At 2, winner leg New Jersey Sires S. at
Meadowlands; third in Countess Adios S., leg New Jersey Sires S.
at Meadowlands. At 3, third in Final New Jersey Sires S. at
Freehold. Dam of TRY N KEEP UP p,2,1:56.3f; 3,1:56h; 1:53.2f
($109,891), AGGRAVATION p,2,1:57.1f.
TRACEUSE HANOVER (M) p,3,1:51.4f ($71,252) (Bettor’s Delight). 3
wins at 3. At 2, second in leg Pennsylvania Stallion Ser. at Pocono,
The Meadows (2); third in Final Pennsylvania Stallion Ser. at
Pocono. At 3, second in leg Pennsylvania Stallion Ser. at Pocono,
The Meadows; third in John Simpson Mem., leg Pennsylvania
Stallion Ser. at The Meadows.
TIME SAVER HANOVER (M) p,2,Q1:59h; BT1:54f ($3,600) (Well Said).
Record at 2. At 2, third in Pennsylvania All-Stars.
Techtopia Hanover (Artspeak). Now 2.
Producers: Trelise Hanover (dam of VELOCITY SONJA p,2,Q1:57.1;
3,1:53.4f; 4,1:51.2f-$172,343, VELOCITY SANDY p,3,1:54,
VELOCITY TRELIFIC p,3,1:55.1f), Tessa Hanover (dam of DANCE
BLUE p,3,1:50.2-$313,450, TALENT SOUP p,2,1:54.2f; 3,1:48.4-
$103,466, AMERICAN MERCURY p,2,1:52.4).
3rd Dam
TRILOGY LOBELL by Tyler B. From 14 living foals, dam of 9 winners, 6
in 1:55, 9 in 2:00, including:
FORECAST p,2,1:56.3f; 3,1:55.1h; 1:54.1h; BT1:52.4h ($238,232) (Big
Towner). 24 wins, 2 thru 6. At 2, winner leg Pennsylvania Sires S.
at Pocono; second in Garden State S., leg Pennsylvania Sires S. at
The Meadows. At 3, winner leg Newcomer Ser. at Freehold (2); third
in elim. Art Rooney P., leg Pennsylvania Sires S. at TRIPLET HANOVER (M) p,2,1:55.1; 3,1:52.1 ($207,482) (Big Towner).
As above.
TUTOR HANOVER p,3,1:52; 1:51f; BT1:50.1f ($176,295) (The
Panderosa). 19 wins, 3 thru 8. At 3, second in Reynolds Mem., leg
Pennsylvania Sires S. at Pocono; third in Keystone Classic. At 4,
second in leg Clyde Hirt Ser. at Meadowlands.
CANNAE DIAMONDS (M) p,2,Q2:02.3f; 3,1:55.1f; 1:54.3f; BT1:54.2f
($120,571) (Cam’s Card Shark). 18 wins, 3 thru 5. At 3, winner leg
World Series P. at Pocono (3); second in Final World Series P. at
Pocono, leg Hopeful Ser. at Yonkers, leg May Flowers Ser. at
Pocono (2); third in leg Hopeful Ser. at Yonkers. Dam of DIAMOND
JUBILEE p,3,1:53.4. Grandam of CONFLICT DIAMOND
p,3,1:54.1; 1:52.1f ($112,882), ROUGH TRADE p,1:53.4, ATOMIC
NUMBER SIX p,3,1:56.4h.
WARRIOR FOR PEACE p,2,Q1:55.1; 3,1:54.2; 4,1:53.1 ($119,238)
(Abercrombie). 10 wins, 2 thru 5. At 2, second in Goshen Cup; third
in leg Kentucky Sires S. at Lexington. At 3, third in elim. James B.
Dancer Mem., leg Kentucky Sires S. at Lexington.
AURORA BOREALUS (M) p,2,2:06h; 3,1:58h; 1:56.1f; BT1:54.1f
($87,605) (Bettor’s Delight). 26 wins, 2 thru 8. At 2, winner New York
County Fair S. at Bath, Caledonia (2), Elmira (2), Palmyra (2),
Trumansburg; second in New York County Fair S. at Hemlock (2),
Owego; third in New York County Fair S. at Waterloo. At 3, winner
leg New York-Bred LC at Batavia; second in leg New York-Bred LC
at Yonkers, New York County Fair S. at Hemlock; third in leg New
York-Bred LC at Vernon. Dam of MILKY WAY RAE p,2,1:55;
3,1:53h; 1:52.4f ($230,694).
TRIPLEPLAY HANOVER (M) p,2,Q2:01.2; 3,1:54.2; BT1:52s ($52,771)
(Artsplace). 10 wins at 3 and 4. At 3, winner cons. Snow Angel Ser.
at Meadowlands, leg (3) and Final Little General Ser. at Raceway;
third in leg Snow Angel Ser. at Meadowlands (2). At 4, winner leg
White Ruffles Ser. at Meadowlands (2). Dam of DOCDOR LIBBY
p,3,1:53.4; 1:50.3f ($410,954), ZIPPITY DOODAH DEO p,1:52.2f,
AWESOME DEO p,2,1:56.1f, DOUBLE PLAY DEO p,3,1:57.1f,
DOCDOR DAN p,3,1:58.3f. Grandam of DELRAY DUDE
THRUWAY HANOVER (M) p,2,1:59.2; BT1:56.4f ($18,641) (Big
Towner). Winner at 2. At 2, second in leg Trillium P. at Kawartha;
third in leg Pennsylvania Sires S. at Pocono. Grandam of
SKITSOFRANTIC p,3,1:59.1h; 1:52f ($189,708), TAMMIBEST
p,3,1:54.4; 1:51.1f ($148,605), MR SIN CITY p,3,1:56.3, MISS FAR
WEST p,3,1:57.3, NORTHERN AVENGER p,3,1:59.2h; 4,1:58h,
HD NORTHELLA p,2,2:09h; 3,2:00h; 4,1:59.2h COOL WORLD (M) p,3,1:55.2f ($15,652) (Nihilator). 5 wins at 3. Dam of
ETERNAL CAMNATION p,2,1:52.3; 3,1:51.1; 1:49.2 ($3,748,574),
WORLD HARVEST p,2,1:55.3; 3,1:51 ($173,848), ALLAMERICAN
COMET p,1:53.3f ($115,893), AMERICANATION p,2,1:56.2f;
3,1:54f ($111,463), ALLAMERICAN COBALT p,2,Q1:59; 3,1:51.1,
COLD CHILLS p,3,1:53.4, ALLAMERICAN COOL p,2,1:57.1f;
3,1:54.4, ALLAMERICAN COACH p,2,1:57.1f; 4,1:55.1f, ACID
RAIN p,1:56.1h. Grandam of CAVIART ALLY p,2,1:53.2; 3,1:50.2f;
4,1:48.3 ($1,152,301), ALL SPEED HANOVER p,2,1:50.3; 3,1:49.4
($819,712), ROCKEN CAMNATION p,2,1:57.3h; 3,1:53.2; 1:50f
($319,516), SHOREVIEW p,3,1:52.3f ($177,976), ALLAMERICAN
COED p,2,1:53.4 ($146,057), ALLAMERICAN COCO p,2,1:56.1;
3,1:54.2f ($102,762), ALLABOUTME HANOVER p,3,1:51f,
APOTHIC p,2,Q1:59f; 3,1:53.1f, ACRYLIC HANOVER p,2,1:54.2f;
3,1:53.4f, ITSALLABOUTHEBASS p,2,Q1:58.4; 3,1:54.3,
COGNAC p,2,1:55.1, ATTITUDE HANOVER p,2,1:56; 3,1:55.1f,
p,2,Q2:02.2h; 3,1:58.3f; 1:55.4f, MAJOR FROST p,2,1:56.3h,
SANCRETARIAT p,3,1:57.1h, MRS AMERICAN PIE p,2,1:57.2,
Producers: Triptych (dam of TREY HANOVER p,4,1:52.4-$169,041,
TRECENTO HANOVER p,2,1:59.3f; 3,1:57.3f; 4,1:53.4f-$167,342,
p,3,1:56.1f; 1:53.4f, TIMELESS HANOVER p,2,2:02h; 3,1:59h;
HANOVER p,3,1:58.3f; 1:57.3h, TRYPHEME HANOVER
p,3,Q1:58.4; grandam of MY MIND IS MADEUP p,2,1:57.1h;
3,1:53.1h; 4,1:50.4f-$191,788, PUREFORM PANDORA
p,2,2:02.4f; 3,1:59f; 1:54.1f ; t,1:58.3f-$128,384, MERVS TRU
LEGACY p,3,1:53.3; 1:52.4f, PUREFORM OLYMPIA p,3,Q2:00.3f;
1:58.4h ; t,Q1:56.1, PUREFORM VENUS p,3,1:59f; 1:56.4f,
PUREFORM EMPRESS p,3,2:02.1f; 2:00f), Trieste Hanover (dam
of LAUXMONT CAPRI p,2,1:55.1; 1:50.2f-$253,127,
STONEBRIDGE LYRIC p,3,1:54.2; 1:51.3f-$221,998, ESTHER’S
JOY p,2,2:01.4h; 3,1:54.4-$162,902, STONEBRIDGE NUGGET
p,2,1:58.3h; 3,1:55.2; 1:53.3-$105,979, PLYMOUTH ROCKER
p,2,Q1:58.1; 3,1:55; 1:55f, DIAMOND DAVE p,3,1:55.1,
STONEBRIDGE GEM p,3,1:56.4f; 4,1:56.2f, STONEBRIDGE
BRIOSO p,4,1:57.1h, STONEBRIDGE COOL p,3,2:00h; grandam
of FUN OF THE GAME p,2,1:55; 4,1:53.1-$292,698, WE ADORE
THEE p,3,1:53f; 4,1:52f-$254,817, PERMA GRIN p,3,1:51.3f-
$218,408, BOSSERS JOY p,2,2:01.1h; 3,1:54.1h-$211,511,
p,2,1:55.2f, SO UNEXPECTED p,3,1:57.4h; 4,1:55.3h, JUST FOR
KEEPS p,4,1:56f, ALWAYS PERSEVERE p,2,1:58.4; 3,1:56h),
Trivet Hanover (dam of ARMBRO DANDELION p,2,Q1:59.2;
3,1:55.1f; 1:52.4-$135,032, WESTERN KNIGHT p,3,1:57.3f;
grandam of PERSUASIVE HANOVER p,3,1:52.1; 1:51f-$262,698,
CELEBRITY SCANDAL p,3,2:00.2h; 1:51.1f-$134,993, PATIENT
MAJOR p,3,1:57.2; 1:52.4f, OH CALLIE O’MALLEY p,3,1:56.2f,
CAMCO WILLOW p,2,2:02h, CAMCO USHEEMA p,2,2:06.3h).
4th Dam
THREE DIAMONDS p,2,1:56; 3,1:53.1 ($735,759) by Albatross. 25 wins
at 2 and 3. Dan Patch 2-Year-Old Pacing Filly of the Year in 1981;
Dan Patch 3-Year-Old Pacing Filly of the Year in 1982; World
Champion. Hall of Fame in 2010. At 2, winner elim. and Final John
Chapman Mem. at Roosevelt, Countess Adios S., cons. Sweetheart
P. at Meadowlands, Debutante S. At 3, winner elim. and Final
Mistletoe Shalee P. at Meadowlands, Helen Dancer Mem., Tarport
Hap P., American-National S., John W. Miller Mem., Jugette, Adioo
Volo S., Bluegrass S., leg Pennsylvania Sires S. at Liberty Bell,
Pocono, The Meadows; second in Betsy Ross P.; third in Lady Maud
S. From 10 foals, dam of 5 winners, 5 in 1:55, 5 in 2:00, including:
LIFE SIGN p,2,1:52.4; 3,1:50.3; BT1:50.1 ($1,912,454) (Abercrombie).
18 wins at 2 and 3. At 2, winner Final Governor’s Cup, International
Stallion S., American-National S., Hoosier Futy., elim. Presidential
P.; second in Breeders Crown at Pompano, elim. Metro S., elim.
Governor’s Cup; third in Final Presidential P., Prix de l’Avenir. At 3,
winner Final Art Rooney P., Breeders Crown at Freehold, Little
Brown Jug, Cleveland Classic, Macfarlane Mem., Bluegrass S.,
Burlington P., elim. Meadowlands P., elim. Windy City P., leg
Budget Car & Truck Rental Ser. at Scioto (2); second in Final
Meadowlands P., Final Windy City P., elim. James B. Dancer Mem.,
elim. Art Rooney P., elim. North America Cup, leg Budget Car &
Truck Rental Ser. at Scioto; third in Final North America Cup, Cane
P., Final James B. Dancer Mem.
THREEFOLD p,2,1:53.4; 3,1:51.1 ($634,004) (Big Towner). 13 wins at 2
and 3. At 2, winner elim. International Stallion S., elim. Woodrow
Wilson P.; second in elim. Fox S., heat Hayes Mem. (2). At 3, winner
elim. Breeders Crown at Mohawk, Jug Preview, leg Provincial Cup,
Hanover-Hempt S., Hayes Mem., Review S.; second in heat Little
Brown Jug, Final Provincial Cup; third in Final Breeders Crown at
Mohawk, heat Little Brown Jug, elim. Oliver Wendell Holmes P.,
elim. Meadowlands P.
TRINITY LOBELL p,3,1:57.2; 1:54.4f ($111,969) (Tyler B). 35 wins, 3
thru 11. At 9, third in leg and Final Indiana Days-C at Hoosier.
HIS ALIBI p,2,1:56.1; 3,1:53; 4,1:51.2 ($82,198) (Abercrombie). 14 wins,
2 thru 5. At 2, winner leg Pegasus Ser. at Hoosier; third in leg
Pegasus Ser. at Hoosier. At 3, winner leg (3) and Final
Neighborhood Ser. at Hoosier.
LIFETIME SUCCESS (M) p,2,1:58.2f; 3,1:52.2 ($34,711) (Matt’s
Scooter). 6 wins at 2 and 3. At 3, winner leg Clara Barton Ser. at
Garden State; third in leg and Final Clara Barton Ser. at Garden
State. Dam of AMERICAN IDEAL p,2,1:55.1f; 3,1:47.4 ($786,055),
MAKE A SUCCESS p,2,1:52f; 1:50.3f ($623,381), EQUALIZE
p,2,1:55; 3,Q1:54.4; 1:52.4f ($325,233), JOE DE FINO p,2,1:53.1;
1:49.3f ($181,780), LIFETIME JEWEL p,2,1:59.1f; 3,1:52.3,
WESTERN SUCCESS p,2,1:57.4f; 3,1:54.3f, FRESH LOOK
p,2,1:56.1, SURE SUCCESS p,4,Q1:57.1h. Grandam of ALLSTAR
LEGEND p,2,1:52.1; 3,1:48.2f; 1:48 ($543,423), GLANCEWITHME
p,2,1:55.3f; 3,1:54, LIFETIME STAR p,2,Q1:55.4, BREATH OF
LIFE p,3,Q1:57.3f.
Life’s Dream (M) BT1:55.2 ($29,608) (Abercrombie). At 2, second in
Kentucky Stbd. Sale Co. P. Dam of DREAMINTHENITEAWAY
p,3,1:58.1f; 1:53 ($102,719), NIGHTMARE AFFAIR p,3,1:54.4f,
LAUGH NO MORE p,3,1:56.3f; 1:55.4f, CARDSHARK MAN
p,2,1:57.3; 3,1:56.4, LIFE’S A PONDER p,2,2:10.2h; 3,1:58f;
1:56.4h, WESTERN PARKWAY p,2,2:01.1h; 3,Q1:58.1; 1:57.1f,
MAN OF MY DREAMS p,4,1:58f. Grandam of RADIANT TRUTH
p,3,1:56; 1:52, GENCOR’S ZTAM p,3,1:57.4; 4,1:52.4, SUPER
ART p,3,2:01.3h; 1:57f, PANCAKE TURNER p,2,2:02h, ROBERTS
NEW LIFE p,2,2:07h.
Trilogy Lobell (M) (Tyler B). As above.
Producers: Sign Of Life ($30) (dam of LIVING WITH ART p,2,1:56.2f;
3,1:51-$345,967, POWER OF ART p,2,1:55; 3,1:53.2; 4,1:52-
$213,886, ART’S PROSPECT p,3,1:55; 1:52-$121,261,
p,2,1:55.3, KEY OF LIFE p,2,1:57; grandam of QUALITYWESTERN p,2,Q1:59.2; 3,1:50.2; 1:49.2f-$1,292,528, CASINO
KING p,2,1:55.3f; 3,1:50; 1:49.4f-$288,123, TRUE TO MACH
p,2,1:56f; 1:51.4h-$278,661, RUN OF LUCK p,3,1:57.4h; 4,1:52.3-
$213,228, MIDAS BLUE CHIP p,2,Q1:57; 3,1:54f; 4,1:50f-
$203,804, MCLUCKY p,2,1:54.2h; 3,1:52.2f; 4,1:52.1h-$180,084,
LIVING IT UP p,2,1:53.3; 1:51.3-$162,377, HEART BREAKING
p,2,1:59.1h; 3,1:55.2h; 1:55.1h-$146,931, PRODIGAL p,3,1:53.2f;
1:51.2f-$120,367, BOND BLUE CHIP p,2,Q1:58.1f; 3,1:55.4f;
1:52.3f-$111,949, IDEAL ARTIST p,3,1:55f; 4,1:54.2h-$111,226,
WESTERN TRADER p,2,1:53, TO TELL THE TRUTH p,2,Q2:00.4f;
3,1:53.4; 4,1:53, BEER BASH p,2,Q1:58.1; 3,1:53.1,
MECHANICAL ART p,2,Q1:59.1f; 3,1:56.2; 1:53.2h, TRILIFE
p,2,1:53.2, BAREFOOT BLUEJEANS p,2,1:59h; 1:53.3h, IDEAL
MATCH p,2,Q1:59.3; 3,1:53.4, STUDIO QUEEN p,3,1:54.3f;
4,1:53.4f, TRUTHOFTHEMATTER p,2,Q2:00.4f; 3,1:54.3f, LUCKY
VIRGIN p,2,1:55.1; 4,1:54.3f, HICKORY HAWKEYE p,4,1:54.4,
COORS LIFE p,2,2:00f; 3,1:57.1f; 1:55h, BEACHMAN p,3,1:58.1h;
1:55, ADIOS MAN p,2,1:59h; 3,1:55f, TERRA TRUE p,3,1:58.3h;
1:55.3e, ARTISTIC IDEAL p,2,1:55.4; 3,1:55.4f, RED LIGHT N
BLUE p,3,2:00h; 4,1:56f, KATES LACE p,3,1:56.2, JK SAPHIRE
p,2,2:00.3h; 4,1:57.1h, TRUE MYSTIC p,3,1:58; 1:57.2, LEGACY
OF LIFE p,3,1:58.4h, MCKEY LIME PIE p,3,1:59.3f; 4,1:58.4h,
CAPE COD p,3,1:58.4f), Tropez Lobell ($12) (dam of MARKET
REPORT p,2,1:56.4; 3,1:54; 4,1:51.3f-$241,831, FLASHMASTER
p,3,1:56.4f; 4,1:55.2h-$105,017, KINGSHIP p,2,1:56.4f; 1:54.1f,NEVADA GOLD p,2,1:56.4f; 3,1:55.4).

Luck Be Withyou is superbly bred and is suitable for most dam lines in Australasia . Being from the Three Diamonds maternal line , he would connect well with mares by Life Sign and American Ideal. His sister American Jewel is by American Ideal and was the 2yo and 3yo Dan Patch filly of the year.

Western Ideal line horses have crossed successfully with Artsplace line mares. These include Art Major , Grinfromeartoear , Modern Art. Sportswriter etc etc

Cam Fella line stallions have also proven very successful , these include Bettor’s Delight, Fourstarzz Shark, Washington VC, Armbro Operative , Fake Left etc etc

The Western Ideal sire lines have also proved successful with Direct Scooter line mares , these include In The Pocket, Christian Cullen, Somebeachsomewhere, Mach Three etc etc. Owners of these mares should look closely at Luck Be Withyou

Luck Be Withyou had just completed his 2nd season in Indiana . Lucky served full books in both seasons and his oldest progeny are now 2yo

2019/20 will be his first season at stud in Australia